Monday, 1 June 2009

Travel to Vaishnodevi India

This is basically where i have started my journey to Vaishnodevi temple. This is t
he picture of Katra bus stop. All i needed was to get a ticket from the Vaishnodevi trust office. Its free of cost. From this point, i went for 10 minutes walk to a place called Banganga, which is basically the gateway to the temple.

It was a nice weather to climb 13 Km to reach the mountain top. I used the long conventional route, i mean no stairs, it took me 3 hours to reach the temple at the mountain. I started my journey at around 07:30 in the morning and i reached at the top at around 11:00 am.

Oh by the way Jammu is overnight journey by bus and train from Delhi. From Jammu, there is no train to katra, but there are lots of buses leave every half an hour or so to katra.

The Vaishnodevi shrine board have built several resting place on the way to temple. There are also many shops sells cold drinks and food on the way to temple. But i found them bit over priced but the shops set up by the shrine board is ok and good

As started walking on my to top, it was bit over crowded, till i climbed 6 km along hill. But after that i walked my rest of my journey in calm atmosphere. May be i guess people were tired and took rest, while i just walked.

The view of the holy cave and temple from the mountain

On my way back from Vaishnodevi temple.

There are helicopter service available but that will not take you to the top. You have to walk around 2km to reach the temple. I think they charge around 1200 rupees to use this service

Its correct, it was dangerous to use that route to get down from the mountain but it was adventurous.

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