Sunday, 5 July 2009

Indian Railway Sleeper Coach - Restaurant

There was gross mismanagement of traffic near New Delhi Station. So my auto rickshaw could not go near parking space. I got off from few yards before the station. I guess most of the times people used to get off few yards before the station or else you have to wait for an hour or so to reach the station. People traveling to New Delhi station prefer walking to the station before few yards from the station than going by vehicles. Especially if you want to catch the train in time.

As my train was late for 4 hours and i was hungry, i went to upstairs Indian railway restaurant. On my way to upstairs i found many half naked men were sleeping on the floor. And the situation at the restaurant was pretty encouraging. I found one man sleeping on the table and other man was singing song loudly and drinking tea. The restaurant service boy was brushing his teeth, he served me tea while he was brushing teeth. You would certainly appreciate the fact that Indian are multi tasker

Although the restaurant had other foods to sell but he insisted that he could only sell me tea and biscuits. He told me to wait for 10 minutes till his colleague finished counting stocks.

After waiting for 10 minutes, i went to back only to found out that counting is still on. I went downstairs of New Delhi railway station, i found another restaurant, but this one is bit weird than the upstairs one. I was refused to serve food just because i did not have changes. The man serving to the passengers was virtually abusing them. He was coughing on the food before serving them. The picture on the right hand side shows the picture of that restaurant, if possible do avoid this restaurant.

But again i believe you don't have much choice for food near New Delhi railway station. Because if you go outside railway station, you are most likely to be cheated. They usually ask you to pay more than the price mentioned in their menus. For example if you buy food from railway restaurant for say 50 rupees, you are most likely to pay 500 rupees for the same food if you buy that outside railway station.

In india you don't have much choice rather than getting ripped off more or less.

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