Saturday, 4 July 2009

Indian Railway Sleeper Coach

Traveling in Indian railway is always a joy. This time i decided to go Kharagpur from New Delhi station. I booked a sleeper berth in Orissa Sampark Kranti Express. As the schedule time of departure was 07:20 in the morning, i set off from home at around 06:00. At this time round in Delhi, there are no buses, the only option i got was traveling in an auto rickshaw. It took me around half an hour to reach the station, the traffic during the morning hour was really good.

New Delhi Railway Station
When i reached the station, i found that my train was running late for 4 hours. Apparently this was the starting station for the train. But no information or explanation was given to passengers on why the train was go late. I found out from a fellow traveler who told me that there were strikes by Maoist communist people in the eastern region of India. That's why all the train coming or going to east of India was running late for more than 4 hours.

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