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Tara Tarini Orissa India

 Train Stopped at Berhampur Train Station
The Tara Tarini Temple is accessible from Berhampur. You can reach Berhampur by direct train from Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalor, Hyderabad and other major cities of India

List of trains stopping at Berhampur Train Station
Please note that the above list is not absolute, please check with indian railway website before travel

 Berhampur Train Station
If you are travelling by your own car then that's OK. But if you don't have a car it is difficult to hire car in Berhampur. Then you need to use public transport available at the train station. You need to go to New Bus Stand by auto rickshaw which will cost you five rupees from this train station.

 New Bus Stand Berhampur Orissa India
You need to catch bus travelling to Pursottampur from this Bus station. Because there is no direct bus available to go to the Tara Tarini Temple. So you need to travel with Bus travelling to Pursottampur and get down at Tarini Chhak. You may ask bus conductor to remind you to get down from bus at Tarini Chhak

A Trekker at Tarini Chhak
Tara Tarini mountain is just half an hour walk from this Tarini Chhak, again you can go by autorickshaw which will cost you 10 rupees or else you can just walk. There are also Trekkers available from this stop, but if you want to go with a trekker then you may get late, because they will not go untill they have full loads of passengers in their vehicles. Just to let you know, a trekker is just like a jeep or you can call it a modified jeep. A special mode of transport only availble in Orissa

 Tara Tarini Ropeway at the base of mountain
There are 999 steps in Tara Tarini Mountain. But there is also a ropeway service available at the base of the mountain. I think it will cost you 15 rupees to go up the mountain. Ropeway service is only available from 09 am till 12 pm & 2 pm till evening. So just like me if you arrive just after 12 pm and you can't afford to wait then you get ready to climb 999 steps up the mountain

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