Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wall Advertisements Orissa

HIV/AIDS Campaign in Orissa, India

Above advertisement tell people to go to hospital and test their blood in free for HIV/AIDS. Most people in Orissa still face social stigma to go for HIV/AIDS test. Government hospitals do free HIV/AIDS test and name of the people who have gone for HIV/AIDS test is kept secret. The last sentence says, "Keep your words, Stop AIDS"
HIV/AIDS Campaign Orissa, India
The advertisement tell mother to child infection of HIV and advocates to go to hospital for child birth. It is common in villages in Orissa many people prefer to give birth in home rather than in hospital. But lots of people are now going to hospital for child birth. I think, the campaign has achieved some of its objectives but it has to go a long way to achieve it's objective in full. Lack of hospitals especially in western orissa force people to give birth in their home. Doctors posted in western orissa generally stay in cities and rarely travel to villages to serve people.

Above advertisement advocates for punishments for doctors who kills patients. Not sure who has written it.

Saying of Sai Baba. Some people in this region follow the principles/sayings of Sri Satya Sai Baba. Major religion in this region is Hindu. Also christians, muslims and Hindus live together in harmony.

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