Friday, 17 July 2009

World's Longest Railway Platform


This is the picture of World's longest railway platform.
The first Railway establishment at Kharagpur started with the commissioning of the rail link between Cuttack – Balasore – Kharagpur and from Sini to Kolaghat via Kharagpur. Kharagpur as a junction station was established in Railway map in December 1898. The public mood and the reaction of society on introduction of rail transport in this region has been nicely depicted by the famous Bengali Novelist Dr Ramapada Choudhury who was born and brought up in Kharagpur, in his Bengali novel Prothom Prohor. It is said that the people were initially afraid to travel by train for the fear of accident over the bridge (fear of collapsing of bridge), fear of getting outcaste status since there were no separate seating arrangement for different castes and religions. However, things changed due to famines in the early 20th century. The Railway Company came forward and offered jobs to the local unemployed men, gave them free ride by train and even offered a blanket for traveling by train. This promotional scheme broke the taboos and made rail transport acceptable to the society. Kharagpur also has one of the biggest railway workshops in India with the longest railway platform in the world [1072.5 m]

Kharagpur Railway Platform
After nearly 111 years of establishment, this railway station is hugely neglected by the Indian Railway authority. As you can see people cross railway tracks as there is not enough foot over bridge in this railway platform. It's gross breach of health and safety of passengers in this railway station. Indian Railway authority has simply chosen to ignore development of this train station.

    Child labour at Kharagpur Train Station

Children at this world famous train station do all kinds of jobs starting from collecting rubbish to working in shops to live their life on this platform. As always India railway authority has turned blind eye to stop child labour in this train station.

Isn't 111 years of existence is not long enough for the development of Kharagpur Train Station?.

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