Saturday, 1 August 2009

Bargaining, Shopping, India

I went to buy a pair of shoe from Palika Bazar Market, Connaught Place New Delhi last week. Although they did not have the particular shoe i asked for, they told me they could get that made for me for 5000 rupees. I said no, i can't wait for the custom made shoes. Then the  shopkeeper asked me, "WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET?".

Now this is the typical question you would be asked almost any shops not just in Delhi but also in any shopping market in India. You can't get away from this question. Actually the question served many purpose. For example
  • Suppose you say your budget (Maximum money you want to pay for the product) is 3000 rupees for a asking price 5000 rupees, Unless you are acquainted with these types of questions, then you are most likely to fall into trap of shopkeeper. If you are new,  you might think you don't want to look stupid by wishing to pay not more than 1000 rupees or so.
  • Now shop keeper will bargain with you for another 500 or 1000 rupees for the product, which you are most likely to pay to make both of you (Shopkeeper and you) happy.
  • If you think you are a good bargainer you might end of paying 3500 rupees for the product.
  • But in real, the actual selling price of the product could be around 700 - 800 rupees, you can always check the price from a branded/genuine shop.
  • Now you are happy until you find out the actual price of the product and the shop keeper is happy to make a profit  of around 3000 rupees above the market price for the product

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