Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Chain Pulling Indian Train

Indian train sometimes stops just only for one person. Well, there is system inside each coach on indian train. It's called a chain. The law is, if you discover an emergency like fire or something like that  then you can pull the chain to alert the train driver and guard. This would eventually activate air brake of the train and train would be stopped.

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It also says you would pay fine of 100 rupees or so if you stop the train without any valid reason. But unfortunately some people take advantage of the system. Some locals they board in long route train, which usually stop at the important stations, and as train approach near their home they pull the chain to stop the train and get down from the train before the station. They usually do that in unknown location to avoid detention by Indian railway officials. Not to mention, they usually travel without a ticket.

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My train was stopped by a local just before this small station in Uttar Pradesh without any reason.

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Now the train has stopped just before the small station Bindki Road, You can see people getting down from the train from the above picture. If you think that this is crazy, well if you have traveled in India, it is very normal for the train to stop because of chain puling or signal failure. No wonder why my train got late for six hours. I said it's normal because i talked to couple of people in my coach who said that, well its a long route train, it's normal for train to get late for atleast 2 hours or so.

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Now the trouble maker, i mean the man who pulled the chain is going unnoticed by the Indian Railway. I am saying this because this is only man who did not return to this coach when the train started to leave.
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So the trouble maker is gone now. But the train has to wait here for 20 minutes just because of chain pulling by the man. Since it was a very hot day and fans were not working inside the coach, so people took risk to get down from the train and cool themselves near the railway track

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