Thursday, 13 August 2009

Getting an Unreserved Seat in Public Transport India

In India population far exceeds the transport facilities available in the country. In most of times, people have to stand because they could not get a seat for themselves in buses and trains.

But many people are clever enough to place a handkerchief or a bag to reserve their seat. What a efficient technique to claim your seat in bus/train!.

Anyway if you are fain hearted, i would not suggest you traveling in unreserved public transport India. Because they are simply not designed for faint hearted people. It is more common to travel more than 70 people in a 30 seater bus. They just fill every inch of bus space with people. There may be time when you stand in 120 degree angle with one leg due to lack of space inside bus.

Unreserved trains are more pathetic than bus, here more than 90 people travel in a 30 seater coach. Some people also finish their journey standing on just foot rest. In night, people just sleep every where, they sleep under the seats, inside toilet, inside corridor etc. This is more frequent in the long route train journey in India. People simply walk over other people to get into toilet in an unreserved train coach in India.

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