Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jajapur Town

Cinema Road, Jajpur Town
City Of Jajapur was built by 13th century Keasari dynasty King Sri Jajati Kesari. The city was named as Jajati Nagar after his name.
The above road is called Cinema Road, there are three cinema halls across this road. Conditions of these cinema halls are really pathetic. No one actually visits these cinema halls anymore, because pirated DVDs are easily available anywhere within the city. That would not cost you more than 10 rupees.

The picture was taken early in the morning. But you can see the streets are so narrow and congested. And in evening traffic just moves inch by inch. There are no traffic post across this ancient city. People drive as the way they like. Most of the drivers are not licensed and they little or no knowledge of traffic rules.

People of this ancient city of Jajapur take pride in their culture and also very conservative. Kali Puja is widely celebrated across this city each year. 

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