Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunset Orissa Coast

Picture of Sunset at Orissa coast in India.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bus Travel from Jammu to New Delhi

I traveled in one of the bus pictured above for my journey to Jammu from ISBT (Inter state Bus Terminus) New Delhi yesterday. It took me 13 hours to reach Jammu from New Delhi. I traveled on this Haryana Transport government bus. As promised before the bus left New Delhi on time and reached Jammu on time on the early morning next day.

It is to note here that government buses running from Delhi to Jammu are punctual. But seating arrangements in Govt. buses are not comfortable in compared to private buses. The bus stopped 2 or 3 times inside Haryana for refreshment in the designated bus station in it's way to Jammu.

I was looking to get a government run bus for my return journey from Jammu Bus stop to New Delhi, i was caught by a travel agent. The agent took me near a Private bus and offered me a seat with 50 rupees less than that of government bus. The agent also told me that bus will leave in half an hour. For the moment, i was happy to return to back to Delhi quickly with a price of 50 rupees less than Govt Bus and i thought it would be comfortable journey than the previous one.

However my momentary happiness ended very soon. The Pvt. bus that i booked from the agent did not leave on time as promised before. When i asked about that to the bus conductor, the conductor lied to me and told me that they would go in half an hour. Although there was a ticket number on the ticket but there were no numbers on seats inside the bus. The seats inside the bus was comfortable than Govt. buses. The agent/hawker was busy in gathering people for their journey to New Delhi. The scene outside the bus was chaotic.

Again there was a momentary cheer when the bus started to move after 2 hours from it's scheduled departure time from Jammu. But to my amazement the bus stopped near the cross sections few yards from the bus stop. All the passengers including me had to wait inside the oven (Oh I mean inside the bus!) for 3 hours before the bus left fro Delhi. At last hawkers, agents, bus conductors and bus owners were successful in filling up seats inside the bus. What an effective Team Work!. The bus conductor then calculated money and gave that to bus owner and then we left for Delhi. The bus reached New Delhi (Red Fort) 5 hours late from it's scheduled arrival time from Jammu. The bus just stopped one time for refreshment somewhere  near Chandigarh. The price of the hotel was 100 times more than the normal price. So be careful to ask price before you eat anything in these road side hotel (Dhaba) in Punjab or Haryana. It's an absolute rip off for tourist.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sunset in Jajpur

I had a wonderful trip to the countryside in Jajpur district of Orissa. On my way back to JK Road train station i took this photograph just before the sunset in Jajpur. While the atmosphere on the road was noisy and dusty, the sky looked beautiful and calm

Friday, 4 September 2009

Rainy Days

The movie was shot using a 3 megapixel camera phone.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Village Life India Photos

Cloudy Sky in Village

A fly enjoying nice sunny weather 

Mosquito repellent
This mosquito repellent simply does not work, because lights come and go in village. i think the safest way to beat mosquitoes (blood sucking fly) to use nets at night.