Monday, 12 October 2009

Hooghly River near Belur Math India

Bank of The River Hooghly near Belur Math

The Hooghly river is one of the sacred river of West Bengal. One need to cross this river either by bridge or by small boats to go to Dakhineswar Kali temple, which is located on the other side of this river. It is one of the branch river of the great indian river the Ganges. The river's average depth is 200 feet (61 m) and maximum depth is 381 feet (116 m).


In its upper reaches the river is generally known as the Bhāgirathi, until it reaches Hooghly. The word Bhāgirathi literally means "caused by Bhagiratha", a mythical Sagar Dynasty prince who was instrumental in bringing the river Ganga from the heavens on to the earth, in order to release his 60,000 grand-uncles from a curse of the saint Kapila. (wikipedia)

Jubilee Bridge over Hooghly river

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