Saturday, 31 July 2010

Taxi Drivers Peeing on the Street of Slough, England

Angry residents have claimed taxi drivers are ruining their "quality of life" by urinating outside their homes.
People living in Kenilworth Close, Slough, have put up a sign saying, "This is not a public toilet" and photographed drivers caught short.
Colin Davey, who has started a campaign, said drivers were acting like animals urinating in an area where disabled and elderly people live.
One firm suspended a driver and others said behaviour would not be tolerated.
Mr Davey has also gathered dozens of signatures to hand in to Slough Borough Council and Thames Valley Police to tackle the problem.
"Taxi drivers come into the close, urinate and drive out again," he said.
"The problem is they just urinate in front of our homes. This is a filthy habit and one way or the other we will stop it.
"The majority of housing is allocated to supported housing, so many of the residents are disabled, elderly or unfortunately have terminal illnesses."
He said although the problem has been reported to police, it still occurred.
"Maybe it's not important enough to them but it certainly ruins our quality of life," Mr Davey added.
"If the government and the police want to keep blaming the young ones for anti-social behaviour, maybe they should look at the behaviour of the so-called adults who call themselves professional drivers yet act like animals."
Residents have claimed the drivers appeared to work for the firms 711-711, A4 Cars, Compass and Viking.
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